Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harassment, making Cain an ass?

After weeks of scrutiny due to hearsay, the former republican top runner is showing a loss in voters and in the overall polls. A loss of faith in the man that so many people thought they could relate to.
Unfortunately, there are now four allegations of harassment by four different women against Herman Cain. Two of these women have revealed their faces, the other two have yet to bring out their names or their stories. Sharron Bialec is the first of the accusers to come out and tell her story. Mr. Cains response to the allegation; false, completely false, claiming he never even met Ms. Bialec.

 With all of the controversy in the news going on about Penn State and their football program to other allegations where men in leadership positions are being scorned for allegations made against them. I believe it is a good time to think about how much to believe. Even if it is true, how much does character and integrity mean to you when looking at your leaders. 
"Character is very important in choosing a candidate, however, I don't believe you should base your decision solely on character. Sometimes the best leaders have the worst public reputations." says Jerrad Stewart, a recent college graduate. "I truly believe knowledge is the most important thing, the ability to make smart, rational decisions for the good on the country." While some Americans seem to be forgiving, others have completly written Herman Cain off. "The USA needs leadership right now that 300 million people can count on moving forward. No scandals or black eyes can be afforded. Leadership starts and ends with character;if I dontlike or trust you, I cant get behind you or your direction. Poor morals or ethics is a warning sign for other imperfections in a leader as well." says Mike Robson, a young working American. Unfortunatly this scandal is really effecting Cain the polls. Todays latest polls,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mormonism- Does it matter??

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr. are two men running this primary season. It is important to remember Huntsman is down at the bottom of all of the polls and most analysts believe he will drop out fairly soon. However, Mitt Romney has been a top contender throughout the primary process. He was even a top runner for a time in 2008. The question is, will his practicing Mormon faith be a factor in NOT getting him the the nomination.

The fact that there are two Mormons in the top-tiers for presidential nominations is nearly unheard of.  Conservative Christians, making up a huge part of the republican base voters, have deep theological differences with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter - Day Saints ( The Mormon Church) . Some of these base voters have been taught and even believe Mormonism to be a cult. A "cult member"  that they will probably have second thoughts about casting their vote for.

I believe it is also important to note that Romney does not really talk much about his faith in Mormonism. He is generally vague when he talks about his religious beliefs and social issues that deal with them. But, Could this be an issue when it comes closer to election time? 

In U.S., 22% Are Hesitant to Support a Mormon in 2012

Anti-Mormon sentiment hasn't eased since it was first measured in 1967


Monday, September 26, 2011

Herman Cain- What is this "999" plan????

I believe Herman Cain is an extremely influential candidate in this election season. He is business savvy and has much less experience in the political arena. His lack of experience in politics and naturally fewer political mistakes to point out,  is what will make him a top contender this next year.

Self made owner and CEO of God Fathers pizza, Cain has come up with something called the "999" plan. From his website, this is how he explains it.

  • Business Flat Tax – 9%

  • Individual Flat Tax – 9%.

  • National Sales Tax – 9%.

  • Along with these flat taxes that will be enforced on everyone, not just one class, he has made many other laws that would go into place. These 9% taxes, along with many other laws include ending the death tax completely and also ending the payroll tax.

    Many would say this "999" plan is fair and would work. Surprisingly, None of the other candidates have attacked this plan. Putting the idea in many peoples heads, if not president, potential running mate?

    To find more on Herman Canes "999" plan, VISIT: http://www.hermancain.com/h

    PHOTO: Ruthless.com