Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mormonism- Does it matter??

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr. are two men running this primary season. It is important to remember Huntsman is down at the bottom of all of the polls and most analysts believe he will drop out fairly soon. However, Mitt Romney has been a top contender throughout the primary process. He was even a top runner for a time in 2008. The question is, will his practicing Mormon faith be a factor in NOT getting him the the nomination.

The fact that there are two Mormons in the top-tiers for presidential nominations is nearly unheard of.  Conservative Christians, making up a huge part of the republican base voters, have deep theological differences with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter - Day Saints ( The Mormon Church) . Some of these base voters have been taught and even believe Mormonism to be a cult. A "cult member"  that they will probably have second thoughts about casting their vote for.

I believe it is also important to note that Romney does not really talk much about his faith in Mormonism. He is generally vague when he talks about his religious beliefs and social issues that deal with them. But, Could this be an issue when it comes closer to election time? 

In U.S., 22% Are Hesitant to Support a Mormon in 2012

Anti-Mormon sentiment hasn't eased since it was first measured in 1967


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