Monday, September 26, 2011

Herman Cain- What is this "999" plan????

I believe Herman Cain is an extremely influential candidate in this election season. He is business savvy and has much less experience in the political arena. His lack of experience in politics and naturally fewer political mistakes to point out,  is what will make him a top contender this next year.

Self made owner and CEO of God Fathers pizza, Cain has come up with something called the "999" plan. From his website, this is how he explains it.

  • Business Flat Tax – 9%

  • Individual Flat Tax – 9%.

  • National Sales Tax – 9%.

  • Along with these flat taxes that will be enforced on everyone, not just one class, he has made many other laws that would go into place. These 9% taxes, along with many other laws include ending the death tax completely and also ending the payroll tax.

    Many would say this "999" plan is fair and would work. Surprisingly, None of the other candidates have attacked this plan. Putting the idea in many peoples heads, if not president, potential running mate?

    To find more on Herman Canes "999" plan, VISIT:


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